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What is this blog?

It’s 3:34 in the morning. A usual time for me to write a blog. I have two blogs already but none of them are general enough. I felt the need for a blog that could be helpful to anyone. Not just musicians, or computer scientists. Then I thought about how I love learning to apply techniques from other fields into my own work. This semester I took a course in which I learned about the actor’s process and how to use that in my professional life. It was very interesting. I thought about creating a blog of that genre, with examples of how such cross-field technique applications can be done. This is what Change Me As We Go is about.

Change Me As We Go is also the title of my debut EP. It means a lot to me because it represents what I believe in. I realized early on that people don’t want to change and that often results in their own unhappiness. I want to change. I love meeting different people, learning how differently they think, and try whatever works for them and see if it works for me. This also applies professionally. How can program design concepts apply in songwriting? How can I incorporate these marketing strategies in making a name for my music? How can I use an actor’s process to help me prepare for an interview? I love being able to relate seemingly different concepts to each other. To me, each person I get to know changes the way I think a little, and I welcome the change. Hence, Change Me As We Go.

Now in case you were wondering about those two other blogs…

One of them is sort of documenting my path as an aspiring professional singer-songwriter. It’s meant to describe in as much details all the good and bad of my experiences as I go on this long journey so that, whenever I need to, I can go back and remind myself of lessons learned. However, I keep that one private because of the details that might include names and stuff.

The second one is basics for learning guitar. I can’t remember why I did that or who requested it. But I know there are way better bloggers about guitar out there. My goal here is to give the basics, and post useful links to other blogs and resources. I won’t update that one very often, given that I don’t really consider myself as a guitarist anyway.

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