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Change Me As We Go

Resolutions. What are they but a bunch of changes that we want to achieve in our lives, hopefully for the positive. When I chose the title Change Me As We Go, I meant to let others change me for the better through feedback, critiques, inspiration and just observation on my part. But I think it also means the personal, intentional effort to find out what we don’t like and do something about it. There is no such thing as too old to change. All it takes is will.

Inspired by a friend of mine, I decided to make a to do list for 2011. I just jotted down whatever came to mind at time of writing and the list came out scarily long for something that I barely thought of. Woah. We’ll see how much I get done. The new mantra is “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”.

1. Finally make my website
2. Write and record new demos
3. Write a mobile app
4. Sell more Change Me As We Go CDs through live gigging
5. Play more shows than 2010
6. Go to more open mics
7. Do more vocal exercises and improve technique
8. Learn a classical piano piece
9. Learn new guitar techniques
10. Contribute more to the community than 2010, which was not bad to start with 🙂
11. Make a difference in someone’s life
12. Figure out what I want to do after graduation in 2012
13. Be more efficient than in 2010
14. Be more active. Take up dance again! Or sports
15. Write more and better and daily
16. Read all these books on my shelf!
17. Work on 2 major side projects in programming
18. Remember more people’s birthdays
19. Figure out something with my current gear
20. Come up with as many ideas as possible for songs, scripts, businesses
21. Finally get my freakin business cards?
22. Discover 25 new artists from different genres
23. Cook more and eat healthier
24. Find collaborators in music and CS
25. Catch up on those movies that apparently I should’ve watched 🙂
26. Get my Canadian driver’s license
27. Update my youtube and myspace accounts and video infos
28. Post more videos on youtube
29. Work on my mailing list
30. Brush up my French and maybe learn a bit of Mandarin

The year is not starting off great for me. The past 5 days I’ve been rooted to my bed, coughing painfully and incessantly. Had to postpone my birthday celebration and might have to re-postpone or downright cancel them come this weekend. Being on sick leave, I feel terrible for letting my team down at such a crucial period of the release cycle, which ends this Friday.

However, I’m trying to see the brighter side and take this opportunity to work on some things on my list! I played around a bit with the VST instrument libraries, started thinking about my don applications and my back pain is pretty much gone! It’s the first time I’m getting so much rest since… Ages. I caught up on some movies as well!

It’s a brand new year, a fresh start. It’s the time when we’re best prepared to embrace change. Get inspired, take the first step, reach out, adapt, help others, help yourself, make a difference, etc. The possibilities are endless! So take in a deep breath, smile and change yourself as you go 🙂 We inevitably change. It might as well be conscious and for the better!

A very blunt winter opinion

If you can’t handle dry sarcastic and possibly offensive humour, please do not read on. I don’t mean to offend anyone. Just food for thought and a good laugh.

I hear many people say that, given a choice between good-looking and warm clothes, they would choose good-looking.

In tropical Mauritius, totally. In freakin Canada?

I was thinking about it… And came to the conclusion that it was not a worthwhile sacrifice when it comes to everyday dressing. I emphasize EVERYDAY. When going out it’s a different story… But overall, the taste of people doesn’t change according to what you’re wearing on a daily basis. What you wear should reflect your fashion taste, sure, but I think it should also reflect your brains.

Suppose you think you’re hot. Even if you wear something not very good looking, people who think you’re hot will still think you’re hot. You’ll be warm and still hot to the eyes of your admirers. Wearing nice but cold clothes will not make more people think you’re hot. So it’s pointless. Unless you care about the “external benefits” of your beauty on people around.

Suppose you think you’re ugly. Even if you wear something hot (and are freezing), people who think you’re ugly will still think you’re ugly. Except that now, they’ll also think you’re dumb. Not a good combo to have. If you really are ugly, your best bet would be personality and your brains. Don’t kill your brain points trying to impress people by freezing your butt for the sake of being beautiful…ly dressed.

If you’re average, the same thing applies. People who find you hot will still find you hot, and people who find you horrible will still find you horrible. It’s just life. People have different taste. And that miniskirt in -20 celsius doesn’t change tastes.

Conclusion: for everyday stuff like going to work, or school and what not, dressing warm is the smarter option.

Now if you’re going on a date, or to a party that you really care to look good for, go all out if the need be. But then again. Remember that people also judge your brain by the looks.

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