Change Me As We Go

The Answer Is A Song

Music has always been my therapy. I’d dance to it, sing it, listen to it, played it, and eventually started writing it. I write with the hope of triggering something in the listener’s mind that will give them an answer.

I remember being a teenager and watching her stare out the window in sorrow. I turned on the music, pretending I had forgotten, hoping she would listen. I don’t remember what the song was. She asked me to turn it off. She said she didn’t want this song to remind her of bad memories later on. I was surprised by this statement. I was also disappointed and somewhat angry. Why do adults always think teens and kids don’t understand? 

I was disappointed because the answer was the song. If only she would listen, maybe she would feel the comfort. Maybe she would see things from a different angle. Maybe she would figure it out. I knew I did. To me it was so obvious. The answer is a song. There is so much wisdom, so much hope, and so much strength in some songs. Why wouldn’t people just listen?

What is your therapy?

This is a cover of Evanescence’s song “Lost In Paradise” off their latest album. What? I still find her voice amazing and her songs fun to sing.

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