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The Only Reality

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One day, hard as can be,
The next, the only way alive.
Can never predict when.

There when you need it least,
Feeding on your every fall.
Your failure is the prize.

The only comfort you have left,
When estranged and alone.
Your fall is their fall .

Vicissitudes of life.
Chipping away at our strength.
Beyond where we stopped trying,
There is no improvement…

One day paralyzing,
The next, liberating.
Can never predict which.

Pushing forward the strength in you,
To regain trust beyond failure,
To play again with life.

Shedding a witness of faith,
In a past without a future.
The start of every start.

The only reason to any logic,
Ruthless, unpredictable, marvellous.
The only reality we can try.

I was watching J.K. Rowling’s interview with Oprah and she said that if her mother had not died, there would probably not be Harry Potter. Writing the series was a way of coping and figuring out the meaning of love, death and life. She also said that failure was liberating. Hitting rock bottom meant having nothing left to lose. Failure is necessary, but we don’t talk about failure nearly enough. We talk about success all the time but failure is very important… I THINK this interview is mostly what inspired this.

Do you get bored?

The other day I got to work really early and had an interesting conversation with a colleague. He said that the one thing he does not want to hear EVER EVER is “I’m bored”. Never. He said:

“I don’t recall ever being bored. NEVER EVER! There is just so much to do, how can you ever be bored? You’re either struggling to live, or have the luxury to learn and explore. How can someone be bored?”

Have you ever been bored? How often? I can barely ever remember having enough time on my hands to get bored. At least not in the recent years. I’ve been tired, disgusted, discouraged, frustrated, but bored? It’s really hard to recall any occasion where I was just sitting there not knowing what to do. I always have too much to do, so much I want to learn, so much I NEED to try before my time is up (and it could have been up already..!).

My colleague and I both agree that having no TV at home is the way to go. You get so much more time to do other stuff. How else will I find the time to work a full-time job and a startup and still find time to make music, read, write, have meaningful conversations with people around me, sleep, clean the house and keep a healthy diet?

DID YOU KNOW? In the 19th century, people bought music sheets so they could play them at home and the publishers only included the gramophone recording as a bonus so you know how it’s supposed to sound! Nowadays, we pay for the recording and get the lyrics for free… How did we become such a passive society? Why do we accept complacency as a norm when there is so much we can do to make a difference not just in the world but in our own lives? What is the rationale behind paying Rogers/Bell/Canal Satellite to spoon-feed your brain for 20 hours a week while your brain and heart beg for more stimulating activities? It doesn’t make sense and I don’t think I can ever justify paying for cable/satellite TV.

As I wrote this blog, I realized that I HAVE been bored once before, and I never want to experience it again: after my surgery, when I was in hospital, or a little before I went back to work. I suppose it was not pure boredom, but also frustration at one’s own physical inabilities and the need to feel alive again. But trust me, I’m never getting bored again.

So are you ever bored? If so, why? how? when?

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