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Change Me As We Get to 2013

You’ll notice that this year’s list is way shorter. This is because of my tight schedule working for and Locationary at the same time. There is hardly any time left for music but I do take long showers.. That’ll do 🙂

1. Get funding for
2. Improve rails,java, sql skills
3. Improve use of tools in our process

4. Get fit
5. Cook more often
6. Get away from Rogers Telecom.

7. Master chest voice and vibrato on 2-5 songs
8. Go to 5 open mics
9.  Write 5 songs

10. Try something new.

Did You Change Me, 2012?

Let’s see what I managed to check off my 2012 resolution list…

Computer Science
– Graduating from BSc!
– Learn PHP, MySQL, AJAX, RoR etc.(okay I did learn, I’m just not done :P)
– Finish the 3 websites currently started. (priorities change…)
– Create a mobile app
– Look for jobs & apply  (I actually got one so do I get bonus point?)
– Use cool stuff I learned in practice (I implemented a bayesian filter :D)

Music (This category is an epic fail)
– Write, write, write! 12 complete songs minimum. (only managed to finish 1… and started about 10)
– Work on 5-10 covers
– Band practice every week/ learn to co-write
– Sell out CMAWG CDs already!
– Finish my website so people can buy stuff
– Improve vocal technique/ control (vibrato, breathing, mix)
– Learn new piano techniques
– Learn new guitar techniques
– Diversify (and update) my music collection with 50 new artists of various genres (I swear Evanescence is a new band :P)
– Book shows in summer and play at least 10 shows.

– Find developer to partner with
– Continue the work in progress 🙂

– Eat more healthy
– Get sick less often!!!!!! (And not end up in hospital)Well not quite.. but I tried..
– Stay away from psychos who have issues or want to kill themselves. No jokes.
– Be less “anti-social”, building more confidence in certain areas
– Improve conflict resolution/ negotiation skills (believe me, there is ALWAYS room for improvement in this area because it’s like the jungle!) — I did improve but there is still room!
– Keep in touch better and more often with the ones I love and am so grateful for.
– Cardio workout 1-2 times a week
– Dance class
– Be more productive
– Try something new (skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, new language)
– Be less sarcastic and/or irritable when stressed (I tried but not sure I succeeded)
– Be more organized
– Figure out my pre-mid-life crisis triggered by imminent graduation 🙂
– Get the driver’s license. Seriously.

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