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Mauritius 30.03.2013 – Killed by the Weatherman

Easter was not so celebratory this year in Mauritius. On March 30th, flash floods claimed 11 lives on paradise island. Most of them were caught by surprise in a pedestrian subway, which was allegedly filled within seconds. Easter Monday was declared an official day of mourning as the island struggled to recover from the shock. In the above video, we’re shown a house where the water rose up to the ceiling. The damage costs are yet to be estimated but distaster management teams from Singapore and UK are investigating. The UNDP as well as the Commission de L’Ocean Indien are also working towards recommendations on mitigating such risks in the future.

Please donate to any of the following links to help families affected by the floods.

My thoughts go to all those who have been affected by the flood. The solidarity of Mauritians has been incredible, as expected. May our little paradise shine again soon. 

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