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Work in progress – "Should’ve Known Better"

In the singers playground workshop today, Micah talked about us artists being very childish sometimes about our wants and need, and the fact that we blame the wrong people for us being stuck. While my problem is quite different, I was reflecting about that and this came up. PS: PLZ leave some comments, I’d love some honest feedback/ suggestions

Should’ve Known Better (work in progress, recording 5) by sherrylynnlee

[verse 1]

Oh I know, I should’ve tried harder I know, sometimes Am
I act like a child when I’m bitter G
Oh I know, I could’ve done better I know, my mind Am
Is the one that has been, holding back G

[prechorus 1]
I tried to change everything around me to fit me Am G F
Yeah I tried to change everyone around me except me.. Am G F


Should’ve known better Am G
Should’ve tried harder on at things that matter Am G F
Didn’t know better Am G
Than to try to change and blame everything Am G F
Around me, except me, almost lost it all F G Am G F
Should’ve known better E

[verse 2]
I burned, many chances
Holding on to my fears like treasure
I’ve learned, through the dances
That I To let go of pride to find pleasure

[prechorus 2]
Now I’m trying to change everything so I see, why I’m stalling
And I’m trying to change so I see, everything you are

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