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Moving on is easy

The hardest thing is not “to move on”.

Walking away is easy.
Starting over, leaving the past behind is easy.

What is not easy, is progressing while staying put.
It’s standing tall and calm against the storm.

It’s staring as the past moves on ahead of you.
Moving on while unable to move.

Changing your perception of unchanged things.
Turning frustrations into renewed self-confidence.

Detaching the pain from once neutral surroundings
which have now become tainted with anger.

It’s investing in stocks that keep on falling
It’s staying on the fault line after the quake

It’s trusting that people can change,
and their evils past may be truly gone.

It’s easier to trust when the past becomes less vivid
But how to fade memories that surround your every view?

Through the people and the places they travel
With them, the bad and the ugly circle

If I can’t move, how to make them go?
How to forgive what I’m not allowed to forget?

Moving on is easy.
But how do you stay?

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